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WUmester 2024: Community & Belonging

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the landmark 1954 United States Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, WUmester 2024 will examine community and belonging from the perspectives of academic disciplines across campus and through a variety of co-curricular programming. It will consider how community and belonging contribute to our safety, wellbeing, and, ultimately, happiness and empowerment.

By dismantling the legal basis for segregation, Brown v. Board aimed to create a more inclusive society where all individuals could access the same opportunities and experiences. The case’s ruling emphasized that separate educational facilities were inherently unequal, implying that belonging and equal participation cannot be achieved if certain groups are excluded or isolated from mainstream institutions.

But while Brown v. Board was a critical step toward ending legal segregation, achieving equality, community, and belonging is an ongoing and unfinished process. Societal attitudes, systemic barriers, and unequal opportunities have persisted, frustrating the vision of community and belonging the case promised. Where are we today in this unfinished process? Join the conversation across campus during the Spring 2024 semester.

What is WUmester?

WUmester is intended to foster a university-wide conversation on a topic related to social justice that will change each spring semester. The goal of the program is to engage the entire WU community in a cross-disciplinary learning experience on timely subjects and help students see the connections between the subjects they study in the classroom and real-world debates and problems.

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