Invest in your best self

At Washburn University, we understand the important role a college education can play in helping you become your best self.

With the help of financial aid, an affordable education is possible. Washburn University disburses more than $53 million in federal, state, institutional and outside resources every year. Start the process of applying for aid today to begin investing in your future.

New scholarship guidelines

Students applying to Washburn University no longer need ACT or SAT scores to qualify for merit scholarships. Automatic awards are now based only on your high school grade point average (GPA). Merit scholarships are renewable and range from $4,000 to $20,000 during a four-year span.

A Washburn student employee tutors another student in the library.

Student Employment: You can earn money working on campus

Working as a student employee at Washburn University gives you the opportunity to build relationships with faculty, staff and other students while maintaining a flexible schedule that works well with class commitments, studying and extracurricular activities.

You might even find a job related to your program of study, which helps you gain valuable work experience.

Washburn University has approximately 900 student employees working on campus in various roles, so we’ve got a job for everyone.

A student raises his fists in excitement at graduation.

Bod Money Management: Learn to manage your finances

Managing your finances as a college student can be difficult. Bod Money Management is committed to helping you learn to analyze your finances, develop and maintain a budget and control your financial situation to become a fiscally responsible citizen.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) determines your federal financial aid eligibility, such as grants, loans and work study. Washburn's Federal School Code is 001949

  • Comes available: December 2023
  • Priority date: May 1, 2024 (If you have not submitted the FAFSA by this date and still need help, please contact our Financial Aid office).

Learn more through our Apply for Aid page

Our Mission

The Washburn University Financial Aid Office is committed to assisting a diverse group of students and families by minimizing barriers to financially support their educational goals. We strive to provide a fair and confidential environment, quality customer service and a comprehensive understanding of the financial aid process. In an effort to foster ongoing student success, the Financial Aid Office promotes money management education and scholarship opportunities, as well as valuable work experience through student employment.


Financial Aid Office
1700 SW College Ave.
Topeka, KS 66621

Phone & Email
Ph: 785-670-1151
Fax: 785-670-1079

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