WU Tech Associate Degree programs require course work at both WUTech and Washburn University. Once certification is earned at Washburn Tech, students can transition to Washburn University to earn an associates degree at a reduced tuition rate.


  1. Apply to Washburn University. The WU Admission application is online washburn.edu.
  2. Students must be concurrently enrolled in 12 credit hours at WUTech or have already completed one of the approved programs below.
  3. Reduced tuition only applies to associate degree requirements.
  4. Must start WU within 6 years of WUTech certificate completion.
  5. 15 credit hours of the required courses must be taken at Washburn University to complete Residency Requirement.
  6. Must meet with a School of Applied Studies to enroll and receive the reduced tuition rate.
For more information please contact Nicole Vavra, 785.670.2185


Programs available in the agreement are as follows: 

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