Why major in History at Washburn?

At Washburn, you won’t just study history, you’ll do history. The path of a historian best begins with surveying a clear map of the field, and the ability to explore your own interests while you build a foundational understanding of the world. Because of Topeka’s own rich and complex history, internship opportunities are excellent preparation for your next step – be it graduate or professional school, or the workforce. Graduates of our program now work in fields including law, library information science, business, government, museums and archives, education, publishing, research, and more.
Career Forecast Growing OutlookAverage Salary $52,140 to $87,660 depending on fieldon campus
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What sets Washburn History apart?

  • Topeka is a great place to do history! The Kansas Museum of History and the Brown v. Board National Historic Site are among our internship partners.
  • History majors find community with historians on campus!
  • Opportunities to present your own research locally, regionally, and nationally are available, with funding support. Learn more about the Washburn Transformational Experience.
  • Majors interested in a pre-law path find exceptional support.
  • Develop leadership experience and engage more directly with faculty through participation in Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society.
  • You’ll be eligible for scholarships.
  • Study abroad is encouraged and funding is available to support you. This can be organized with a class or independent of the department.
  • You can be involved in District 3 Kansas History Day.

As a history major, the department offers you a diverse course of and a capstone experience in which you engage with primary sources to produce a research paper, while also fulfilling requirements for the Scholarly/Creative Washburn Transformational Experience. The department recognizes history credit through Advanced Placement. Majors with a 3.5 grade point average in History, a 3.2 overall GPA and an A in the Capstone HI 399 course will earn departmental honors.

History majors must complete a minimum of 33 hours in history with a grade of C or above, at least 15 hours taken at Washburn. You must have 18 hours of lower division history, which will consist of HI 100, 101 & 102 (World Civ. I, II & III), HI 111 & 112 (US Hist. I & II) and HI 395 (History Forum). You must complete 12 hours of upper division requirements with at least one course in each cultural tradition: American (303-328); European (334-347, 380-386) and non-Western (354-362). In addition, history majors must earn a grade of C or above in HI 399, Historical Methods and Research. You also must complete either a second major or an established minor within another College of Arts & Sciences discipline. 

HI 100 Early World History (3)

HI 101 Changing World History (3)

HI 102 Modern World History (3)

HI 111 History of the U.S. I (3)

HI 112 History of the U.S. II (3)

HI 395 History Forum (3)

HI 399 Historical Methods & Research (3)

Upper Division U.S. History (3)

Upper Division European History (3)

Upper Division Non-Western History (3)

Upper Division History Elective (3)

Set for Success

CAREER FORECAST: growing outlook
Depending on your field of interest, occupational opportunities are growing as fast, faster, or much faster than average according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

You'll gain skill in

Writing and research

Critical and interdisciplinary thinking

Understanding a range of cultures through knowledge of their entwined histories.

Student/faculty ratio

19:1 History

Job placement






Among recent graduates, 35 percent went directly to graduate or professional school.


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