Why study Religious Studies at Washburn?

Religious Studies is the major for you if you want to understand people better, yourself as well as others. In your classes, you'll study the ways religion shapes peoples lives, past and present, from the local to the global. You should major in religious studies if you want a liberal arts degree that gives you advanced skills in critical thinking, intercultural competency, and communication. The focus on analysis within this degree means religious studies majors are among the top performers on GREs and LSATS, so the degree with prepare you for a variety of post-graduate opportunities: law school, graduate school, or seminary.

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What is Religious Studies?

Because religion is everywhere in human experience, studying it provides a foundation for engaging with and appreciating people of all backgrounds. Ultimately, religious studies majors develop a toolkit for understanding human beings in light of their ultimate concerns and the particular contexts in which they live.

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What sets Religious Studies at Washburn apart? 

  • Your courses will be taught by experienced and dedicated faculty, not graduate students.
  • Religious studies is a small program, so all students benefit from hands-on advising and close mentoring from faculty.
  • Scholarships are available for incoming and returning students.
  • As a religious studies major you can double major or participate in the Law Early Admission Program with Washburn Law. A pre-seminary focus can be designed with your advisor as well.
  • Experiential learning opportunities with classmates and faculty let you study people and their religions on the ground.
  • Use your senior thesis to pursue original research in any area of religious studies with guidance from faculty mentors. Present your research at international, national, and regional conferences.

Set for success

CAREER FORECAST: growing outlook

Our graduates are respected for

Critical thinking and information literacy

Oral and written communication skills

Intercultural competency

Student faculty/ratio


Ready for anything

Religious Studies graduates are now working in local and regional businesses and state government or pursuing graduate study in law or other fields.

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