Five forensic science programs to choose from

You’ve seen the TV shows, but what does it really mean to work in forensic science? Professionals in the field go beyond dusting for fingerprints and witty one-liners. They use advanced knowledge and tools to ensure that justice is served as a key element of a law enforcement team.

Would you like to to be a key player in high-tech crime investigations? Want to be able to preserve, identify and analyze evidence, crack cold cases and ensure justice is served? Consider one of five forensic science degree programs offered at Washburn University. Here, you can choose from five distinct programs as you prepare to seek a career in the forensics discipline of your choosing.

forensic students

Why study forensics at Washburn?

  • Utilize state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.
  • Learn directly from KBI experts who guest lecture or serve as adjunct instructors.
  • Explore forensics career opportunities through forensic science internships with the KBI.
  • Work in the Washburn Forensics Laboratory, housed in the KBI Forensic Science Center.

Kansas Bureau of Investigations building

Washburn Forensics + KBI

This state-of-the-science facility on the campus used both by the Kansas Bureau of Investigations and Washburn students, includes more than 10,000 square feet for academic use.

Specially designed for Washburn students:

  • Vehicle bay for in-depth study of crime scene processing
  • Outdoor laboratory for forensic anthropology study
  • Dedicated laboratory space for each concentration area near the KBI scientists of the same discipline
  • State-of-the-art interactive classroom and laboratory spaces

Forensic Science Club

The Forensic Science Club brings together majors and non-majors at Washburn that have an interest in the forensic sciences. As part of the club, you will be participating in the following types of activities:

  • Forensic Olympics
  • Murder mystery dinners
  • Escape room challenges
  • Mock trials and cases
  • Forensics movie night
  • Ice cream social
  • Case critiques and cold case reviews
  • Guest speakers
  • Local forensic lab and prison tours

Forensic Investigations Program Success Story Krista Wilson

Krista Wilson persevered through tragedy and is using that experience to help others. A recent graduate, Wilson’s father died when she was a child, and she vividly remembers crime scene investigators and police officers helping her throughout the process.

“They really helped me feel more comfortable and safe,” she said. “I would like to do that for other people.”

Wilson, who went to high school in Iola, Kansas, received a bachelor’s degree in Forensic Investigations and plans to pursue a career at the Kansas Bureau of Investigation or at a crime lab.

“I feel prepared. We get a lot of hands-on experience” she said about Washburn. “A lot of the professors here have experience in law enforcement or some type of criminal justice background.”

Wilson also chose Washburn because of the university’s vibrant campus life, including numerous events and celebrations. She said she enjoyed living in a residence hall here, where she always felt safe.

Wilson came to Washburn undecided on a major, but took a variety of classes to get a feel for what she wanted to do after college.

“I would say to explore all of your options, take as many classes that you’re interested in,” she said. “Taking all those different classes helped me lock in on my decision to be in forensics.”

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