Why minor in Game Design at Washburn?

If you want to work in the growing field of game design, this minor will provide a strong foundation you can tailor to your area of interest. This minor will fit particularly well with the requirements of a major in art, computer information science, mass media’s film and video concentration, or mathematics but is open to students in all majors.

What is a minor?

A minor is a concentration in an area that is not as in-depth as a major, but can be added to a major to broaden or deepen your skills and knowledge in a particular area of interest. This is an interdisciplinary minor, which means it draws from several disciplines to provide different perspectives as you study.

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A 5-course program

The minor in Game Design requires 15 credits (five courses) of designated courses, with at least two classes (six credits) at the 300+ level. Collaborate with the Game Design minor’s program director, Gaspar Porta, to determine the best courses for your unique goals.

Required Courses:

Choose five courses (at least two must be at 300+ level): 
  • AR 222: Video Game Design (AR 120 or AR 333 is prerequisite) 
  • AR 326: 2 & 3-D Digital Animation  
  • AR 333: Digital Painting and Drawing (AR 120 or AR 140 is prerequisite) 
  • BU 260: Business Plan Development  
  • CM 390: Special Topics in Computer Information Science (Game Programming) (CM 245 is prerequisite) 
  • EC 306: Game Theory and Applications (MA 140 and MA 141 are prerequisites) 
  • MA 361: Game Design (MA 112 or MA 116 is a prerequisite) 
  • MM 393: Special Topics/Mass Media (Visual Storytelling) 

Additional Courses:

Additional courses that rely on the use of games or game material may also be approved by the director of the minor. Among those courses:

  • HI 300: Topics in History Ancient Greece
  • HI 300: Topics in History Medieval Experience
  • HI 300: Topics in History Pirates of the Caribbean
  • HI 300: Topics in History Traditional Japan
  • HI 334: Civilization of Ancient Rome
  • EC 200: Principles of Microeconomics (A special section taught periodically with over 60% examples and case studies from the gaming industry, prerequisite MA116 – recommended, or MA112 or higher)


Ready to create your study plan? Contact program director Dr. Gaspar Porta for more information about the Game Design minor at gaspar.porta@washburn.edu.

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