Residency status at Washburn

Your residency status is important! Washburn University uses it to determine which tuition rate you should receive: in-state or out-of-state. Non-resident status will mean you pay out-of-state tuition, unless you qualify for a tuition waiver or meet the criteria listed below. If your residency status changes, let us know as soon as possible, we can’t issue refunds after the fifth week of the semester.

If you feel your residency status is not correct, you may appeal by completing the Resident Status Appeal Form and submitting it to the campus residency officer (Washburn’s Associate University Registrar) through the Student One Stop located in Morgan Hall. The Resident Status Appeal Committee will review all provided documentation, and will notify the registrar, financial aid and business office of its decision. If you choose to appeal a committee decision, please email any new or additional information to Alan Bearman, Vice President of Strategic Enrollment Management and Dean of Student Success and Libraries, who will make the final decision.

All appeals must be made within 30 days after the start of a semester.


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