Purpose of the team

The University Behavioral Assessment Team (UBAT) is an interdisciplinary team with members from various university units that responds to concerns regarding  student, faculty or staff behavior that may appear troubling, disruptive, or threatening to the campus environment. When notified of concerning behavior, the UBAT will initiate a full and prompt review, assessing the level of concern and formulating a response plan.  

What you can do

As a member of the campus community, if you observe behavior that is uncommon for the person displaying it, or that cause you to be concerned for your safety or others, report your concerns to the UBAT by completing this form . You may also contact any member of the UBAT to discuss your concerns. You should not attempt to diagnose the concern.

If there is a perceived imminent danger, always contact the Washburn University Police immediately at 911 or (785) 670-1153Phone Icon.

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