University Library and the Center for Student Success and Retention have a partnership with Pear Deck Tutor, a 24/7 virtual tutoring and writing assistance program. Students can connect with a live tutor on Pear Deck Tutor 24 hours a day or submit a paper to Pear Deck Tutor’s Writing Lab to receive feedback.

As always, these tutoring services focus on undergraduate, degree-seeking students enrolled in university gateway courses (list below).

Writing assistance is provided through Pear Deck Tutor's Writing Lab by submitting a paper to receive feedback, or by connecting with a live tutor to ask questions about topic development, grammar, format, and more. Writing services focus on undergraduate, degree-seeking students. Check out the Writing and Research page for additional information regarding English, writing, and research assignments.

In addition to Pear Deck Tutor, the Writing Center is on the upper floor of Mabee Library and offers in-person, one-on-one help with writing across all disciplines. Drop-in appointments are welcome, and the Writing Center is open from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. Questions may be sent to Director Louise Krug at

Math tutoring is provided by the mathematics department. Please contact Visit the Math Tutoring Center site for more information.

Multiple academic departments on campus continue to provide tutoring for selected courses. Contact the appropriate department for details.

Faculty referrals to tutoring and writing services occur in Navigate by issuing an early alert.

Students seeking tutoring and writing services please contact Do not set up a Pear Deck Tutor account on your own.

How Pear Deck Tutor Works:
• Connect with a Live Tutor
• Upload a paper on our Writing Lab to receive feedback
Students must contact for access to TutorMe.

What is a Gateway Course?

There is no single definition.  At Washburn University, three types of courses fit into the broadest definitions of Gateway Courses:

  1. Developmental Courses
  2. High enrollment courses usually taken early in a student’s career
  3. Courses required for entry into particular majors


Gateway Courses

AC224 AC225 AN112 AN116 AR101
AR103 BI100 BI101 BI102 BI140
BI202 BI203 BI255 BI275 CH103
CH151 CN101 CN150 CJ100 EC200
EC201 EN101 EN103 HI112 PH100
PH102 PO106 PY100 SO100
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