Why Major in Family & Human Services?

Make an Impact

Choose a meaningful career and train as a trauma-informed helping professional in a high-demand field.


Many courses from outside academic institutions may count toward your degree.

Flexible Education

Courses offered both online and on-campus allow students to complete their degree in a way that fits into their life.


Washburn has been named as one of the most affordable Bachelor’s Degree Colleges in the state of Kansas.
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Programs Approved by Leading Organizations

Online and on-campus degrees in Addiction Counseling and Family & Human Services approved by NAADAC and NCFR.



Family and Human Services Success story Juley Kolterman

Juley Kolterman’s passion is working with children, and she knew she needed the credentials to achieve her dream job as a high school counselor. She also knew she was going to attend Washburn to help reach that goal.

“I had an addictions counselor that was my mentor, my inspiration, and she went to Washburn,” Kolterman said. “She helped to get me on this path. I took a job as a para and very quickly realized that that’s where I needed to be.”

She also chose Washburn because of the convenience of the programs in Family and Human Services, where she’s pursuing a bachelor’s degree, along with certificates in Trauma and Recovery and Addiction Counseling.

“There would be no possibility of me being able to attend Washburn unless I can do it online,” Kolterman said. “I work full-time. I’m a full-time mom. When I got my associate’s at Washburn, I had a really good experience. The professors were great. It was a no-brainer to come back.”

Kolterman works as a student success liaison in an elementary school, meeting the social and emotional needs of students.

For Human Sake Podcast

"For Human Sake" is a student led project of interviews by our host Erin Watts with local alumni and stakeholders in the community. Episodes will capture the opportunities available within the Family and Human Services department at Washburn and beyond. 

Watch for new episodes every two weeks beginning September 8th!

Episode 1: What is Human Services with Dr. Stacy Conner
Episode 2: Associates in Human Services with Erin Watts and John Roberts
Episode 3: What is the Addiction Counseling Track?
Episode 4: What is the Family & Children Track with Lyndsey Bibler
Episode 5: The Kansas Department For Aging & Disability Services w/ Charles Bartlett
Episode 6: Alumni of Family & Human Services w/ Nikki Rameriez-Jennings
Episode 7: Family Service & Guidance Center w/ Travis Freed
Episode 8: Corrections w/ Dani Essman



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