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Enhance your job opportunities in the manufacturing industry by combining a certificate from Washburn Tech and an associate degree from Washburn University. The manufacturing field is evolving dramatically due to new technologies. Prepare yourself for steady advancement with a well-rounded education that includes more than hands-on training. You also will dive deeper into areas such as communication, psychology, math and history. An associate degree from Washburn University provides an advantage when pursuing a career as an operator, technician, manager or educator. An added bonus is the cost. Washburn Tech students, pursuing an eligible associate degree at Washburn, may qualify for reduced tuition. Enroll now and make a wise investment in yourself.

Career Forecast Bright OutlookAverage Salary $51,060on campus
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Industrial Technology Associate Degree

Students in Washburn Tech's Advanced Systems Technology program earn a certificate by completing 48-credit hours on the Washburn Tech campus. To earn an associate degree at Washburn, students complete an additional 27-credit hours on the main campus. You must begin working on your associate degree within six years of the Washburn Tech certificate date. You also must complete Washburn's associate degree requirements within six years of your start date at Washburn. Some Washburn University courses may have prerequisites or require placement scores. Talk to an advisor in the School of Applied Studies for more information.

Why pursue an associate degree at Washburn? The courses you complete provide a well-rounded education that can enhance your opportunities in the job market. Expand your knowledge by enrolling in the following courses: 

  • Technology courses will introduce you to the development of technology and its impact on today's world.
  • Communication courses will help you better communicate with employers, employees and people in general.
  • Psychology courses will help you better understand people's actions.
  • English courses will assist in writing a resume or in an office setting.
  • Music and/or art courses help relay the benefits of relaxation and hobbies.
  • Math courses will boost your skills when taking measurements and making calculations.
  • History and political courses explore what is happening around the globe and how you can participate.
One of the top benefits is the cost! Students who are concurrently enrolled in 12-credit hours at Washburn Tech are eligible for reduced tuition while completing their associate degree at Washburn University. To ensure you enroll in eligible courses, check with the WU School of Applied Studies advisor for more information at

Jobs & Opportunities

CAREER FORECAST: bright outlook
Overall employment of industrial machinery mechanics is projected to grow 13 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. The continuing adoption of automated manufacturing machinery will require more maintenance workers, mechanics and millwrights to keep machines in good working order over the next decade. The use of automated conveyors to move products and materials in factories is an area of high demand for these workers, because the conveyor belts, motors and rollers need regular care and maintenance.

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