The Washburn Art Building

The Art Department moved in 2005 into the well-equipped studios of our beautiful limestone-clad Art Building. The Art Building is located on the south end of campus next to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) with limited parking in front of the building and a large parking lot located just east of the SRWC. Inside you'll find:

  • Offices for Art Faculty and staff are located across from the front entrance
  • Nine studios/classrooms, critique spaces, and locker storage
  • Exterior work spaces accessible from sculpture and ceramics studios
  • Spacious, two-storied gallery dedicated to student art exhibitions
  • Mediated classrooms with digital projectors and stable WIFI
  • Classrooms follow hazmat protocols for chemicals, paints, etc.
  • Student Lounge on second floor
  • Student access to building during evenings and weekends
  • Enjoy the Ichabod Prairie Garden next to the front entrance as well as the tranquil Harvey Gardens and Pond  to the north of the Art Building.

Our Studios

The ceramics studio is located in AB 120.

Studio facilities and equipment:

  • Eleven electric wheels
  • Five kick wheels
  • Six large tables for hand building
  • Clay mixer
  • Extruder
  • Slab roller
  • Two computer-controlled Skutt kilns
  • Geil downdraft gas kiln
  • Raku kiln
  • Experimental kilns
  • Direct ventilation and dust collection systems

The drawing studio is located in AB 202.

Studio facilities and equipment:

  • 38 easels and stools
  • 30 drawing boards – 24”x24”
  • Mediated classroom with overhead digital projector, computer and screen
  • Various ceiling spotlights and fluorescent lights
  • Two ceiling high watt heaters for model use
  • Large windows with northern exposure

The basic design studio is located in AB 118.

Studio facilities and equipment:

  • Mediated classroom with digital projector, screen and computer
  • 20 flat top desks and 20 studio chairs with backs
  • White Board
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Shelf and cabinet storage
  • North facing windows

The multipurpose design studio is located in AB 112.

Studio facilities and equipment:

  • 20 flat top desks and 20 studio chairs with backs
  • White Board
  • Bulletin Boards
  • 2 computer-controlled glass fusing and slumping kiln
  • Basic grinding and cutting equipment for glass
  • UV lighting boxes

The Mac Lab for graphic and electronic arts is located in AB 211.

Studio facilities and equipment:

Hardware: Latest Operation System

  • 25 mac computers
  • Computer accessories: speakers, flash card readers, tablet and stylus
  • Two scanners and two printers
  • Internal server
  • Four TV monitors and one LCD screen
  • Wireless audio system
  • Green screen in lighting studio


  • Adobe Creative Suite CS5 : Illustrator Photoshop & InDesign, Bridge
  • Corel Painter 12
  • Lightwave 3D, version 10
  • I-movie
  • I-web
  • I-Photo
  • Anime Studio Pro
  • Adobe Flash
  • Final Cut Studio: Final Cut Pro, Sound Trac Pro, Motion, etc.
  • Microsoft Office Suite

The painting studio is located in AB 205. 

Studio Facilities:

  • 25 easels, painting tables, and stools
  • 30 drawing boards – 32”x48”
  • Mediated classroom with overhead digital projector, computer and screen
  • Ventilation system
  • Wooden painting racks with storage for 200 paintings
  • Model bed with ceiling heaters and spotlights
  • EPA-certified storage containers for painting waste, rags; solvent storage
  • Canvas stretching table
  • Large windows with northern exposure

The photography studio, including a lighting studio and darkroom, is located in AB 216. 

Studio facilities and equipment:


  • Mediated classroom: digital projector and computer system
  • Five Mac computers, one Epson Scanner, one HP Printer for digital negatives (13x19)
  • 3’x3’ light table
  • Water temperature control and filtration unit
  • Patterson plastic tanks and reels for 35mm - 8x10 negatives; plastic trays; print washers
  • Delta one film dryer, two Premier print dryers, two Daylabs
  • Silver-recovery system
  • All chemicals provided except for D-76 film developer (includes toners, hand coloring supplies)


  • 18 4550XL Sanders/Omega LPL enlargers (35mm, 6x6, 4x5), Grablab digital timers
  • Elwood 5x7 enlarger
  • Zone VI  8x10  enlarger
  • 8’x4’ professional grade stainless steel darkroom sink with in-sink industrial exhaust system
  • Three foot revolving darkroom door
  • Mural trays for mural printing

Lighting Studio:

  • 3-roll ceiling-hung Rolleasy Backdrop System
  • Six Alien Bee Paul C. Buff strobe lights
  • Six continuous studio lights
  • Four Cybersynk triggered receiver and transmitter sets
  • Seven Sekonic light meters
  • Soft-boxes, umbrellas, grids, barn doors, colored gels and holders, cone reflectors
  • Ten light stands, two booms, two product tents
  • Permanent table-top set up with continuous lights for 3D art work
  • Green screen, green floor, curved corner setup

Alternative Process Room:

  • Two UV light boxes (up to 16x20”)
  • Extended UV light table 4’x8’
  • Contact printers
  • Chemicals are supplied

Cameras for student checkout: 

  • 16 Vivitar film cameras
  • 20 flip video cameras
  • Ten Canon Digital SLR Cameras
  • Pentax 645 film camera and lenses
  • Four 4x5 Cadet Film Camera kits (film-holders, focuser, tripod, light meter,  hood, etc.)
  • Tripods, lenses, filters, etc.

The printmaking studio is located in AB 212.

Studio facilities and equipment:

  • Brand etching press – 30” x 45” bed
  • Conrad etching press – 26” x 40” bed
  • Two lithography presses – 18” x 24” beds
  • Ultraviolet light table – 32” x 40” glass
  • Metal sheer – 30” blade
  • Separate acid room – nitric acid solutions, ferric chloride solutions
  • Multiple flat-files – 50” x 40” drawers
  • Various sized lithography stones
  • North-facing windows

The Sculpture Studio is located in AB 125.

Studio Facilities:

  • Wire-feed MIG welder
  • Plasma cutter
  • Low-temperature crucible furnace (1100°) for aluminum, tin, pewter
  • Contactor’s grade table saw (10”)
  • 14” band saw
  • Floor stand drill press
  • 10” radial arm saw
  • 10” compound miter saw
  • Point source dust collection system
  • Overhead shop air filter
  • Various power and non-powered hand tools
  • 36” x 96” x 32” solid oak work tables (3)
  • Separate high-ventilated room for metal working

GET IN TOUCH WITH Art Department

Art Department
Washburn University
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Topeka, KS 66621

Phone & Email
Phone: 785.670.1125
Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

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