Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are composed of people with a common purpose, outlook, social characteristic, or interest. These groups provide opportunities for networking, collaboration, engagement, support, and/or broadening of inclusivity and cultural awareness.

Washburn has several formally recognized affinity groups, including:

Faculty and Staff of Color Association (FSOCA): FSOCA is an affinity group with the goals of providing professional development, building community, and strengthening institutional support among employees who identify from marginalized groups. The group's objectives are to inspire inclusive excellence for faculty and staff of color provide support system for faculty and staff of color, and bridge the gap between faculty and staff of color

Women in Higher Education: The purpose of this affinity group is to implement alternative approaches to mentoring that emphasize non-hierarchical, horizontal and collaborative relationships that research shows tend to benefit women in academe. The group's objectives are to build professional bonds, increase institutional knowledge, provide peer mentoring in an informal setting.

White Accountability Group: This affinity group aims to foster an empowered, authentic community of white change agents on campus. The group's objectives are to provide opportunities to learn and practice skills to analyze and revise practices, policies, programs, and services to enhance racial equity.

If you are interested in more information about one of the groups above, or to join one of these groups, contact

To apply to create a new employee affinity group, complete this form.


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