Summer Hours

Beginning Sunday, May 12, 2024 and ending Saturday, August 10, 2024, the Washburn University campus will implement summer business hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to noon on Friday. The Washburn Tech campus will implement summer business hours from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Friday.

Learn more in the summer hours FAQ (PDF)

Direct Deposit of Payroll

Funds are transferred via ACH from the University bank account to a designated account or accounts, checking or savings, in a financial institution designated by the participating employee.  

Educational Assistance*

The educational assistance program offers benefit eligible employees an opportunity to officially enroll in one University course per semester, at either Washburn or Washburn Institute of Technology campuses, without having to pay applicable tuition and fees. Employees may also enroll in a graduate level course except law school or doctorate level nursing courses unless the employee is a registered nurse. Educational assistance benefits for graduate level courses in excess of $5,250 per calendar year may be considered taxable.

For classes which begin August 2023 or later, dependent child(ren) and/or spouse of full-time (1.0 FTE) benefits eligible employees may qualify to receive 100% reduction in tuition and fees for undergraduate courses.  Dependent child(ren) and/or spouse of part-time (.50 <1.0 FTE) benefits eligible employees may qualify to receive a 50% reduction in tuition and fees for undergraduate courses. This benefit includes undergraduate university courses at either Washburn or Washburn Institute of Technology campuses, or in a CEP course (high school student) via Washburn University.  Graduate level courses are not included in the dependent child(ren) and/or spouse tuition reduction benefit.

For compliance purposes, the dependent child(ren) and/or spouse must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the waiver: 

  • be the legal spouse or a dependent (under the age of 24) of the employee as defined by Internal Revenue Code at 26 USC 152 (a)(1) & (2);
  • have a complete admissions application with Washburn University or Washburn Institute of Technology; and
  • have/maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA (includes CEP and all transfer work). 

To apply for educational assistance – either for a dependent child(ren), spouse and/or yourself, complete and submit the online Application for Educational Assistance for Employee, Dependent and/or Spouse form each semester. 

Additional information about the Educational Assistance Program benefit is available from the WUPRPM and the respective plan documents to ensure IRS tax code compliance (located in the online benefit enrollment reference center).

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)*

New Directions Behavioral Health Contact: 800-624-5544 or visit online at:

Program overview for individual and family services.

Employee Wellness Program*

Promotes a culture of wellness by facilitating a supportive environment that encourages university faculty and staff to initiate and maintain behaviors that enhance their total health. Washburn Employee Wellness

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) & Health Savings Account*

Employee may set aside money tax-free to help pay for expenses not covered by medical insurance, and/or dependent care services that are necessary to enable employee to work. Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts

Health Insurance*

Dental 2024

Medical 2024

Vision 2024

Health Services

Employees may visit the University Health Services for minor illnesses at no fee for visit.


10 or more days of paid holidays each year as designated by the Board of Regents.  E. Benefits and Regulations PDF Page 2

Lactation Rooms

Campus Locations:

  • Law School, Room 201A (Available during office hours, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
  • Morgan Hall, Room 207 (For employee access to Morgan Hall after 7 p.m. please contact WUPD at 670-1153)
  • Petro/School of Nursing, Room 205 (Available during office hours, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
  • Washburn Tech Campus (please contact Human Resources to coordinate)

Life Insurance*

Long-Term Disability Insurance*

Provider is Principal. LTD Benefit Summary

Parental Leave*

The University’s Parental Leave benefit enables eligible Employees, in an active pay status, to receive paid leave when welcoming a new child into their home due to a qualified event.

Please review the WUPRPM, Regulations and Procedures, Section E. Benefits, 11. for more information.


Employees are provided free parking on campus.

Personal Leave*


Retirement Plan

All Employees (except student employees) may contribute up to maximum allowable under IRS guidelines into the Washburn University Defined Contribution Retirement Plan on a pre-tax or post tax (Roth) basis, and/or the Washburn University 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan.  The provider for both plans is TIAA.  

Please see our Retirement page for more information.

Shared Leave*

Eligible employee is provided up to 30 days paid leave of absence in a fiscal year from a shared leave pool.  Pool is created by donations of leave from employees participating in Shared Leave program. Subject E. Benefits PDF P6

Short-Term Disability Insurance*

Provider is Principal. Short-Term Disability Summary

Sick Leave *

Sick Leave program. Subject E. Benefits Page 6

Social Security

Retirement benefits, disability benefits, medical benefits. Visit


Unemployment Compensation

Coverage provides for unemployment insurance for eligible employees who become and remain unemployed through no fault of their own.

Workers' Compensation

All employees are provided protection under the Workers' Compensation Act.  Compensation for medical services may be paid for on-the-job accidents.  Compensation for time the employee is unable to work may be paid after a 7 day waiting period.  If the employee is unable to return for 21 consecutive days or more, compensation will be paid for the 7 day waiting period.

WUID - iCard Benefits

iCARD is the official photo ID card for Washburn University and Washburn Tech. All students, staff and faculty need this card whenever asked to present university identification.

  • Additional uses for your iCard:
    • Check out materials from University Libraries
    • Hold Bod Bucks for campus purchases
    • Access:
      • Computer lab
      • Events and services
      • Food Pantry (Bods Feeding Bods)
      • Healthcare at Student Health
    • Receive discounts:
      • Save 15% when eating at Union Market or Lincoln Dining
      • Receive discounts around town at local businesses - such as Ichabod's Grille (up to 10% off for employees everyday and for students on Mondays), Burger Stand (30% off every Wednesday)
      • Washburn Tech Academy of Cosmetology customer discounts for summer
      • Take the Topeka Metro: Washburn is accessible on the Red and Green routes. (Metro is free for Washburn students, faculty and staff with an iCard.)
      • Topeka Collegiate - discount on Tuition


*Benefit is available to positions budgeted for 20 or more hours per week

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