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Students, faculty, and staff are automatically assigned MyWashburn accounts.  MyWashburn is a portal that gives you access to information and resources necessary to participate within the Washburn community.  Resources include:

  • Access to the learning management system
  • Course registration
  • Student account credit card payments

What you see in the portal is dependent upon your role at the University.

Accessing MyWashburn

Users are automatically assigned a MyWashburn account when they are admitted or hired by the University. MyWashburn provides secure access to self-service Banner functions, Desire2Learn, and other resources. Users will receive an email from Information Technology Services at the personal email address they provided when they were admitted or applied for employment at Washburn. This email will contain instructions about how to access IT resources at Washburn.

Changing your name?

Name changes affect everything from e-mail to course rosters and D2L settings.

If you legally change your name, you must notify Washburn University through the following procedures:

  1. Requesting the Name Change - If your name has legally changed, OR you believe your name is entered incorrectly in the administrative information system, bring a social security card reflecting the name change OR legal name change documents to the appropriate office:
    • Washburn Students (includes student workers) – Student One Stop, Morgan Hall, 785.670.2162
    • Faculty - Academic Affairs, Bradbury Thompson Center 200, 785.670.1648
    • Staff - Human Resources, MO 118, 785.670.1538
  2. Confirm the Name Change - Within 48 hours of requesting a name change, expect e-mail in your old name’s e-mail account providing your new name’s MyWashburn username and e-mail address. Please make sure this information correctly reflects your name change. If not, reply to the e-mail and return to the designated office above for assistance. Note the activation date for your new account provided in the confirmation e-mail.
  3. Using Your New Account - On your new account activation date, the name on your account will be changed and you may begin to use the new account reflecting your name change. You will be able to use the same password.

Washburn recognizes that the ability to use a name that is not necessarily one’s legal name is important to many individuals.

Students and employees may designate that a nonlegal/preferred name be used in certain University-related documents, records, and programs. This includes course rosters, university email address, web applications using single sign on (e.g., MyWashburn), D2L, Icard, official university correspondence (mail and email), honor lists, Navigate and other advising software, diploma, and commencement program.

Please be aware that only a legal name may be used for financial aid, transcripts, payroll documents, immigration documents, and other documents where a legal name is required.

Please also be aware that when a student or employee designates a nonlegal/preferred name, this name may be used on documents and communications the University mails to their permanent address, as well as honors lists shared with local community newspapers.

Please follow these steps to designate a nonlegal/preferred name across a variety of programs:

Banner profile:

  1. Go to the “Student Academics” in MyWashburn
  2. Click on “Update your Name and Address Information”
  3. Click "Edit" and enter nonlegal/preferred name in the "Preferred First Name" field.
  4. Click "Update".

**Please note you can also enter gender pronouns and gender identity by completing the appropriate fields. However, the Banner system is not currently configured to utilize gender pronoun or gender identity information that is entered (in other words, this information will only be visible to the user).

Where will this name appear?

This name will appear in parentheses after the student’s legal name on course rosters. It will also appear in the online student directory. This name may also be used to generate honor rolls that may be shared on social media and with local community newspapers.

Washburn email address and MyWashburn:

  1. Students and employees should contact the OneStop either in person (on the ground level of Morgan Hall) or via email ( and make the request. (A request via email must be sent from the student’s existing official Washburn email address.) In request, student should specify that name should be changed for email address, D2L, and/or in MyWashburn.
  2. The OneStop will submit the request to ITS.
  3. ITS will contact the student/employee via email to verify the name change and correct spelling. If ITS receives no response from the student/employee in the allotted time frame, or if the student/employee responds to ITS to verify the name and spelling, the process moves forward.
  4. The student/employee will receive an email notifying them when the process is complete.

Where will this name appear?

This name will appear in the student’s official Washburn email address, in all D2L functions (e.g. discussion boards, gradebook) and in MyWashburn.

Washburn iCard:

  1. After nonlegal/preferred name has been added to a student or employee’s Banner profile, the student or employee should go to the iCard shop on the main level of the Memorial Union and request an iCard utilizing this nonlegal/preferred name.
  2. If the student/employee does not also want their legal name to appear on the icard, they will need to request that it be omitted. The default is to include both.

Where will this name appear?

This name will appear on the student/employee iCard.

Washburn diploma

When a student applies for graduation, they will be asked to complete an online form that includes a field for how their name should appear on their diploma. Students may enter a nonlegal/preferred name.

Where will this name appear?

This name will appear on your printed Washburn diploma. The name you designate to include on your diploma will also appear in the commencement program unless you check the box on the graduation application that it should not.

Support & Troubleshooting

Forget your password?

Contact or 785.670.3000. Please provide (or prepare to provide) your WIN, phone number, and home address or date of birth.

Receiving Error Messages?

If you are unable to access areas of MyWashburn (i.e. register for courses), please clear browser cache.

Username and password will not work.

  • If you have never logged into a Washburn computer or your Washburn email, go to  to set up your account before trying to log into MyWashburn
  • Make sure you entered your username correctly in the format of first name period last name
  • If you have not completed the admissions process your account may not be created yet.
  • Make sure you are using a compatible browser. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari up to the latest version are known to be working browsers.
  • Some special characters in passwords will cause problems when accessing other systems via single sign on. If you experience problems accessing the external system, try changing your password.

I get a blank page / "page not found" message when I try to go into Self Service.

  • Most likely you have a firewall in place that is preventing access. Your network administrator will need to grant access to ports 8008, 8009 and 8910 for access to things like D2L and Banner Self-Service.

Please refer questions not addressed here to .


Washburn University assigns MyWashburn accounts to an employee when hired by the university or to a student when admitted to the university.

  • There is one MyWashburn account per individual.
  • A MyWashburn account is for use ONLY by the individual to whom it is assigned.

Account De-activations

After multiple unsuccessful logins, an account is disabled. To reactivate the account, contact or call ext. 3000.

Washburn University de-activates a faculty/staff MyWashburn account upon termination of employment with the university.

MyWashburn accounts for students remain active for 2 years beyond graduation or separation from the university.


Security is important to protect e-mail, calendar, and university data accessed through MyWashburn.

  • Passwords must contain at least one alpha and one numeric digit.
  • The password may be from 8 - 20 characters long.

Change your password at any time with Washburn Password ManagementDo NOT share your MyWashburn password with anyone else.


Email the Technology Support Center
Email ITS Support

Call us for technical assistance

Visit the Help Desk
Located in Bennett, Room 104

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