Why study Actuarial Science at Washburn?

If you want to use your love of numbers to help predict and understand risk, the only Society of Actuaries-recognized undergraduate degree in Kansas is for you. If you know you want to work as an actuary, there’s no better program in the state to prepare you for the required exams. Our curriculum will enable you to sit for the first two exams before graduation. Graduate career-ready with preparation and work experience through our extensive internship program that may result in full-time job placement.
Career Forecast Bright OutlookAverage Salary $109,900on campus
Students take notes while in a actuarial science class

 What sets Actuarial Science at Washburn apart?

  • The Actuarial Science specialization at Washburn is the only one in Kansas recognized by the Society of Actuaries for its rigorous preparation of students.
  • You’ll learn from faculty, not graduate students, in small classes that allow you to develop your skills and begin to build your professional network.
  • Scholarships are available for incoming, transferring, and continuing students.
  • Students who successfully complete necessary courses can work as paid tutors for the department, or as private tutors.
  • Find community with math majors through student clubs and department study lounge in Morgan 252.

Degree options

As a math major with actuarial science specialization, you will be able to choose (with help from your advisor, of course!) whether a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science fits your goals best.

While the core mathematics courses are the same, the specific degree requirements vary. A bachelor of science in mathematics requires a 30-hour concentration from the natural sciences: biology, chemistry, physics & astronomy, or computer information science. A bachelor of arts requires modern language study and more hours from the humanities and social sciences. 

Meet alum Brian Oxendine

"Washburn University's Actuarial Science program provided the opportunities I needed to position myself higher than actuarial students coming out of other universities. The program provided classes that prepared me for great success in the preliminary exams, helping me pass several exams before graduation. If I hadn't decided to go to Washburn for Actuarial Science, I don't think I would've had half the success I've had in this field."

- Brian Oxendine, '14, ASA designated actuary

Set for Success

CAREER FORECAST: bright outlook

Common internship sites


Security Benefit

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas

Student/faculty ratio


Qualities for success

Inquisitive and energized by challenges


Critical thinkers

Detail oriented

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