(Last Updated 7 May 2018)

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Administrative Structure

Roles and responsibilities - Board of Regents, University Officers, General Faculty, Major Academic Units and Administration, Faculty Senate and Committees

Section 2 - Conditions of Employment

University Policies, Faculty Responsibilities, Faculty Recruitment

Section 3 - Faculty Personnel Policies and Procedures

Promotion, Tenure, Non-Reappointment, Grievance Policy, Scholarly Misconduct, Emeritus Status

Section 4 - Selection, Appointment, and Tenure of Academic Administrators

Chairperson, Dean, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Acting Administrators, Associate/Assistant Administrators, Salaries and Terms of Office

Section 5 - Faculty Load, Benefits, and Leave Policy

Teaching Load, Summer/Overload/Outside Employment, Adjunct/Part-Time Faculty, Benefits, Travel, Leaves, Voluntary Phased Retirement

Section 6 - Classroom Procedures and General Faculty Responsibility

Student Records, Grading, Examinations, Grade Appeal, Academic Fresh Start, Faculty Responsibilities

Section 7 - Services For and Responsibilities of Students

Academic Advising, Student Conduct Code, Academic Impropriety Policy

Section 8 - Governance of Major Academic Units

Composition, Committee Structure, Governance Structure

Appendix I - Academic Organization Chart

Appendix II - The Core of Academe: Teaching, Scholarly Activity, and Service

Appendix III - Major Research Grants Fund Guidelines

Appendix IV - Human Subject Research Policy

Appendix V - Animal Subject Research Guidelines

Appendix VI - AIDS Policy and Guidelines

Appendix VII - DELETED (Copyright) -

(For the most current guidelines associated with copyrighted materials for classroom use, please link to copyright information for faculty on the Washburn University Libraries LibGuide. )

Appendix VIII - Using Software: A Guide to Ethical and Legal Use of Software for Members of the Academic Community

Appendix IX - Grievance Policy and Procedure

Appendix X - Policy Concerning Scholarly Misconduct

Appendix XI - Critical Incident Protocol

Appendix XII - Telecommunications Use and World Wide Web Policies

Appendix XIII - Conflict of Interest and Standards of Conduct Policy

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