The things you need:

Get all the required and recommend textbooks and course materials for all of your Washburn University courses online.

  • Save when you buy used books.
  • Pre-order every semester and save even more*.
  • Get study aids, nursing supplies (from scrubs to stethoscopes), art supplies and general school supplies.
  • Get technology gear, from earbuds to flash drives.

The Ichabod Shop is your official source for graduation regalia.

Get the details on rentals and pre-orders online.

The things you want

  • Shop the newest Washburn Ichabod clothing and gifts.
  • Browse best-selling books.
  • Pick up other supplies, sundries, snacks and drinks and much more.

One site has it all

You can buy books, merchandise and other products at the Ichabod Shop online.

Link to your personal list of textbooks from the My Courses tab at MyWashburn. Then click on the "Find your Books" link under Classes at WU.

Our online store is updated frequently, so stop by often. Anything ordered online can be shipped directly to you.

Need a Pepsi?

The Ichabod Shop is the only place on campus you can get a 20-ounce pop for $1.15.

Where is The Ichabod Shop?

The Ichabod Shop is located on the lower level of the Memorial Union.

Shop and give back to WU!

Purchases support programs and services of your Memorial Union. Shop at the store that gives back to WU!

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