Why Study Languages?

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Foreign language studies enhance your personal and professional life. Knowing a language well enough to communicate expands cultural contacts and broadens your appreciation of the world and its people. It also gives you a better understanding of your own culture and your own language.

Knowing a foreign language will prepare you for our multicultural world and open doors in business, journalism, nursing, criminal justice, social work, teaching, foreign services with the government and the military in an increasingly global environment. Your language skills will let you combine a career with the excitement of international travel. Furthermore, proficiency in a foreign language is excellent preparation for entrance into professional programs such as law, diplomacy and international business. Washburn modern language graduates have gone on to success in the fields of education, business, law, nursing and many other vocations.

Study Abroad

The Department of Modern Languages strongly recommends study for a period of time (a summer or a semester) in a country where the target language studied is spoken natively. Substantial scholarships are available for language majors and minors with a 3.0 GPA; the application deadline is Feb. 15 each year.  Washburn University has direct exchange programs for the majors in French and Spanish.

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